Family Yellow
Company Crayola
Introduced 2009
RGB 253, 255, 0
Hexidecimal #FDFF00
HSL 60.47, 100%, 50%
HSV 60.47, 100%, 100%
CMYK 0.78, 0, 100, 0
LAB 96.98, -22.38%, 94.3%
YPbPr 0.88, 0.08%, -0.5%
Xyz 76.27, 92.4%, 13.82%

Lemon Glacier is a neon yellow that is one of Crayola's eXtreme colors ultra-bright colored pencils and twistable crayons made in 2009. This yellow is a true color of the most common neon color "Laser Lemon"[1].



Other shades of Yellow

Lemon Glacier

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