Sharpie is a subsidary company of Sanford established in 1857. The company's purpose is to provide writing and coloring utilities including permanent markers, highlighters and more.



Sharpie made highlighters for highlighting certain phrases on each scentence made in journals. Some of the highlighter colors produced by the company are not fluorescent.

Swatch Name Products
Berry Retractable and Liquid Highlighters
Blue All
Coral Liquid Highlighters
Fluorescent Green All
Fluorescent Orange All
Fluorescent Pink All
Fluorescent Pink Ribbon Pocket Highlighters
Fluorescent Yellow All
Indigo Retractable and Liquid Highlighters
Lavender Pocket and Tank Highlighters
Orange Same as Fluorescent Orange
Purple Liquid Highlighters
Red Retractable and Liquid Highlighters
Yellow Pocket and Tank highlighters

Permanent MarkersEdit

Sharpie Neon lg A-576x314

The Sharpie Neon logo for the product introduced in that year.

In Early 2013, Sharpie produced five neon sharpies which in these cases go electric once applied to anything. A list of neon colors show these.

Swatch Image Name RGB Hex HSL
NeonMarker Blue
Neon Blue 119, 182, 232 #77B6E8 207, 71%, 69%
NeonMarker Green
Neon Green 149, 231, 92 #95E75C 95, 74%, 63%
NeonMarker Orange
Neon Orange 255, 131, 0 #FF8300 31, 100%, 50%
NeonMarker Pink
Neon Pink 255, 77, 164 #FF4DA4 300, 100%, 50%
NeonMarker Yellow
Neon Yellow 244, 249, 61 #F4F93D 60, 100%, 50%

Water-Based Paint MarkersEdit

A set of fluorescent colors were made for the Water Based Paint markers with Medium Point.

Swatch Image Name RGB Hex HSL HSV
WaterMarkerMed FlrscntBlue
Fluorescent Blue 1, 161, 209 #01a1d1 194, 99%, 41% 194, 99.5, 82
WaterMarkerMed FlrscntGreen
Fluorescent Green 128, 255, 51 #80ff33 97, 100%, 60% 97.35, 80, 100
WaterMarkerMed FlrscntPink
Fluorescent Pink 255, 0, 255 #ff00ff 300, 100%, 50% 300, 100, 100
WaterMarkerMed FlrscntYellow
Fluorescent Yellow 255, 255, 0 #ffff00 60, 100%, 50% 60, 100, 100


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