Family Red
Company Crayola
Introduced 1972
RGB 253, 91, 120
Hexidecimal #FD5B78
HSL 349.26, 97.59%, 67.45%
HSV 349.26, 64.03%, 99.22%
CMYK 29.17, 64.03, 52.57, 0.78
LAB 61.41, 63.5%, 17.93%
YPbPr 0.56, 0.31%, -0.05%
Xyz 47.64, 29.72%, 21%

Wild Watermelon (formerly Ultra red in 1972) is a neon reddish pink variant that is introduced by Crayola. It has radiance similar to colors such as Radical Red, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Winter Sky and Fiery Rose.

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